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What Is A Motivated Seller?

Updated: Jun 11, 2018

What is a "motivated" seller?

Motivated sellers are very different than typical homeowners trying to sell their property. Most people will try to get the best possible price for their home and are willing to wait a long time to make sure they get it. For motivated sellers, on the other hand, time is of the essence. There is some sort of reason they need to unload the property fast, whether it is because they need cash fast, or they are losing money on the house the longer they hold onto it. Motivated sellers are the more desirable of the two options for this reason. They can’t afford to play cat and mouse and they are usually willing to negotiate down to meet your needs.

Listing as a motivated seller could mean:

  • Price might have room for further price reductions.

  • Seller prefers the cat-and-mouse negotiation game.

  • Seller is willing to make selling concessions for the buyer.

  • Home is in or near foreclosure. 

  • Home is ready to slide down the hill and please buy it before the next rainstorm.

  • Seller wants to see an offer, any offer before canceling the listing.

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