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What Is A Motivated Buyer?

Updated: Jun 11, 2018

Motivated Buyer: A prospective buyer with strong personal reasons who must purchase a property quickly. A strong motivation to buy is generally due to time restraints.

A motivated buyer is any person who has an outside incentive to quickly purchase a property. In some cases, this might be a buyer who has to move into an area quickly because of his job or an impending life change. In other cases, it might be a buyer who needs to live in that area because of the quality of the schools or the proximity of the home to his place of work. A buyer might also be motivated the property itself. If that property has some special emotional significance to the buyer, he might be motivated to purchase. A buyer might also be motivated by the buying process. If he has spent a number of hours investigating and touring a home, he has some incentive to go ahead and make the purchase. Motivations can differ wildly depending upon the individual buyer.

The Motivated Buyer understands a handful of things:

  1. Get them while they're hot.

  2. A house is a house is a house.

  3. Write it up now and sort it out later.

  4. Let someone else do all the hard stuff.

  5. Never spend your own nickels and dimes.

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