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"What Does It Mean To Rehab A Property"

What is Property Rehab

A property rehab is the process of taking a property and restoring and improving upon it. This usually helps boost the property into satisfactory, or even superb, condition without drastically changing the floor plan. Before commencing a real estate rehab, it’s important for investors to first understand the intricacies of such an undertaking. First off, there are three categories of rehabs: personal rehab, rental rehab and a fix and flip. This is important for investor to comprehend, as each approach will differ in how profits are made, as well as the costs that go into the project.

House Rehab

One of the more costly projects a real estate investor can undertake is a house rehab. This endeavor can be both daunting and challenging, especially for beginner investors, as it consists of purchasing a property, renovating it and selling it for full market value.

Rehabbing requires an attention to detail and a lot of time to master, but it remains one of the more lucrative investment options in real estate. That said, a common inquiry among beginner real estate investors is how to rehab a house on a budget.Rehabbing a house takes time, working capital and experience; it’s not something you want to jump right into if your not prepared. Instead, investors are advised to mind their due diligence before getting started, including reviewing all their options. While rehabbing can fetch profitable returns, it’s a complex exit strategy that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

House Rehabbing Tips

Rehabbing your first house is no easy feat, and you will be sure to welcome any advice from experienced rehabbers. The following are some helpful tips to take to heart as you begin your very first project:

- Don’t bite off more than you can chew: Especially with your very first project, do not hesitate to start out small. Perhaps starts out with a small single-family property, and stick to a few renovation projects that offer a high return on investment. Take on bigger challenges as you gain more experience.

- Take time selecting your crew: One of the keys to achieving success during a house rehab is working with the right team of laborers. This might start with hiring the best possible contractor, and working with that individual to screen and hire great construction workers that you can depend on.

- Don’t forget to factor in holding costs: When creating your estimated budget, do not forget to factor in holding costs, including the timeline of your renovation project, the marketing phase, and finally the selling and closing phases. It would be smart to factor in estimated costs for a case in which the property does not sell right away.

- Have a contingency plan in place: What will you do in the worst case scenario that your are unable to complete your rehab project? Although no investor wishes for this outcome, it is nevertheless important to have a contingency plan in place. Line up an exit strategy in case you have a falling out with your contractor or you run out of money.

Bottom Line

Like any endeavor, where there’s a will there’s a way. For investors wondering how to rehab a house on a budget, there’s always a way. The first step is simply finding the right house rehab property that gives you the best chance to make your money stretch. Once you do that, following the 4 steps above will be a great way to get started on rehabbing your first property.  

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