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"The Importance Of A Vision Board"

The Law of Attraction (LoA) is a powerful, universal law that provides the opportunity to shape our lives and attract our deepest, greatest desires.

It states that: Our attitudes and beliefs create a magnet to attract events, circumstances and opportunities to live out these attitudes and beliefs.  

And one of the most powerful tools for utilizing the LoA is making a vision board.

Creating a vision board is more than merely cutting out magazine pictures and gluing them onto a board, hoping to attract your desires. It’s a tool for accessing the powerful Law of Attraction and turning your greatest dreams into a reality.

What Is A Vision Board?

A vision board is a powerful LoA tool that helps you narrow down your desires through the power of choice. The tool helps you invest the time and energy to visualize your future and consistently reminds you of your life goals.

Another popular term for it is dream board.

Let’s look at three purposes of your vision board in more detail below.

How Does A Vision Board Work?

1. The Power of Choice

Visions boards force you to examine your desires and focus on those that truly matter to you. Whether creating one or several boards, the limited space forces you and empowers you to focus in on your most treasured desires.

The process of choosing what to put on your vision board is simple yet meaningful.

First, identify your wishes or desires, then select images that represent those desires. This simple selection process narrows down your focus and personalizes your board with specific messages that matter to you.

For example, you might decide to put a picture of a house on your vision board because you want to purchase your dream home one day. But if you’re not satisfied with pasting an image of just any house on the board, you can find the perfect representation of your dream home or pick aspects of homes to collage them together into your perfect home.

There is power in focusing on the details of how to represent your desire. The process of making those choices sends a very specific and personalized message to the universe about your desires.

2. The Power of Visualization

Without a doubt, it is the visual aspect of a dream board that really drives home your desires and sends a very loud, clear message.

It’s easy to think that choosing and focusing on a desire helps achieve it that specific desire, but visualization isn’t as straightforward as we think it is.

To understand why visualizing your desires is so powerful, we need to look at the brain.

Our brain is an incredible machine that is geared toward making us successful with every action we take. Our brain trains our bodies to prepare for action — when we imagine ourselves preparing for an activity, our brains actually run through the process and send signals to the rest of our body to complete the action.

Visualization is nearly as powerful as performing the action. When you visualize yourself living in your dream home, your brain trains your body for that reality.

3. The Power of Consistency

It’s no secret that consistency is important.

Whether attempting to learn a new skill or create a new habit, consistency is the key. We’re wired for repetition, and every time we repeat an action, we become stronger with that action.

By creating a vision board and placing it in a spot you see every day, you create the opportunity for consistent visualization to train your mind, body, and spirit to manifest your desires.

The wonderful thing about a dream board is that it only requires time and energy for the initial creation. After that, the consistency in the visualization happens every time you look at it.

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