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Antonio Buchanan is the  CEO and managing partner at Capstone Investment Group a real estate investment firm, where he oversees the daily operations of the firm and is responsible for managing the portfolio and raising capital. He has a keen ability to identify and implement innovative investment strategies. He has been active in real estate investment management for over 10 years with experience in fund management operations and property management.  He has a proven record for purchasing properties below the market value and managing to resell the property for on average 20 percent above the market value. He has a passion for participating in a number of financial and entrepreneurial ventures including assisting clients with money management, debt consolidation, financial literacy, and property management.  The Capstone Investment Group prides its self on managing and building relationships among the nation’s best real estate investors. The Firm specializes in finding innovative ways to invest in residential real estate, while ensure their clients have the ability to see financial profits on all of their portfolio assets.  Antonio is a US Navy veteran who received his undergraduate degree from Barry University and completed his Masters at John Hopkins University.

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